Products for Publication Gravure Ink


Metal Resinates: A class of resins based on the reaction of alkali metal salts with various rosin acids and tall oil fractions which are usually chemically modified. Common modifications include reaction with a dibasic acid and/or alkyl phenol. They are used extensively in the manufacture of publication gravure inks in both the pigment dispersion and let down portion of the ink.

Hybrid and Modified Hydrocarbon Resins: Neutral Hydrocarbon resins are not used in this printing method due to their slow solvent release. Improved in this property and finding limited use in this application are the higher melting point Modified Hydrocarbon Resins. They are used as co-resin modifiers to enhance color development and/or hue in the dispersion process and for their low cost in extender vehicles. More recently, specialty hybrid resins are finding commercial acceptance as co-resin modifiers, particularly, in the preparation of pigment dispersion.