Company History and Overview

Lee Godina and John Godina, Sr.
Lee Godina and John Godina, Sr.


Until his death in early 2012, Resinall's history was largely the life of Mr. John M. Godina the company's founder. His life was a true American success story having risen from humble beginnings to become a highly successful businessman.

John had always dreamed of building his own company. He realized this dream in 1981 when he was able to acquire a small resin manufacturing facility in Severn, North Carolina. There he started his own business which he named Resinall Corp. To achieve his dream of building a successful resin company, he put together professional management and technical teams and provided the financial support needed to build a state of the art resin manufacturing company. From the start he was uncompromising in his commitment to excellence in meeting and exceeding environmental requirements and customer expectations in product quality and service.

As with other aspects of the company, John M. Godina had planned for an orderly transition to the next generation. When in 2009 it became necessary for him to retire due to poor health, the company, its management and operations were unaffected.

Lee Godina, Elaine Godina and Michael Godina

Elaine Godina, John's wife, who had played an active role in the development and growth of the company, assumed John's position as Chairman of the Board and CEO. From the beginning of the company, she made significant contribution through her financial support, as an active member of the Board of Directors and service in numerous other senior management positions.  So it was only appropriate that she assume his role in the continuation of their mutual dream.

Lee Godina, their son, is now President of the company. Shortly after the company's formation he joined the company and worked closely with his father. For nearly ten years, the day to day business of the company has been managed by Lee Godina and the Executive Management Team. He played a major role in helping to guide the business financially through its early years and now provides the leadership once provided by his father.

In 2008 Michael Godina, Lee's oldest son, joined the company in a junior executive position. He was followed more recently by his younger brother Matthew. Lee's goal is to teach them governance and instill a sense of the company and its history so they will be able to manage the financial interest of Resinall and the Godina family into the future.







Resinall Corp began in the late 1970's with the acquisition of Carolina Processing Corporation located in Severn, North Carolina, about 75 miles southwest of Norfolk, Virginia. Starting with this small antiquated resin facility, over the next several years the site was upgraded with new resin manufacturing equipment, a product development and sales service center and expanded administrative capability.


Based on the company's early commercial success, Resinall saw the need for a resin facility located in the central Gulf of Mexico region. Geographically, such a location would be closer to hydrocarbon feedstocks and other key raw materials, while providing lower cost shipping to the mid-west. In 1984, Resinall acquired the former Dixie Pine Chemical Co, situated on about 100 acres located in Hattiesburg, MS. Here a new state of the art resin plant was built which more than doubled the company's resin manufacturing capacity.

Over the years both plants production and technical support facilities have been significantly expanded. The two plants offer manufacturing redundancy and better geographic proximity to customers than a single location. Today these two US plants have a combined annual capacity approaching 160 million pounds.

A key part of our future growth is based on expansion into new resin markets. At our Hattiesburg facility is a new hydrogenation plant designed to make Water White Hydrocarbon resins which are used in hot melt and high performance adhesives. This sizeable investment in new resin technology is only the beginning in our continuing effort to remain successful in a changing market place.