Resin Solutions and Vehicles For Oil Based Inks


Resin Solution

In addition to conventional resin flakes, our products are also sold as solutions in a wide range of solvents. Products range from a single resin cut in an appropriate ink solvent to resins cut in a blend of solvents and/or vegetable oils designed to meet specific customer requirements. In use, these products are generally blended with other resins, alkyds and other modifiers to make a suitable ink or dispersion vehicle.

Structured Vehicles

This product line offers our customers the opportunity to purchase a more advanced vehicle with rheology and properties requiring minimal modification. Apart from cost savings, these vehicles offer improved product consistency and the opportunity to formulate several different products from a common base solution. Typical modifications include the addition of alkyd resin, possible use of an Aluminum gelling agent, additional solvents and/or vegetable oils and a range of specialty end use modifiers. Unlike simple resin solutions, these products are essentially proprietary in nature being developed for individual customers to their specifications.

Use Ready Vehicles

These "Ready to Use" vehicles are designed to need only a color base and solvent to make a press-ready ink. They are often based on resins which are so advanced in molecular structure that they cannot be manufactured as solid resins due to their very high melt viscosities. This characteristic, however, provides the dynamically stable rheology required in today's high speed publication offset printing. In addition to the base resin, numerous components can be combined during manufacturing to achieve desired press properties. These include multiple solvents, co-resins, alkyds, vegetable oils and other specialty additives. While Aluminum gellants can be used for special purposes, our goal is to achieve adequate structure without their use. As with all "Ready to Use" vehicles, they are designed for individual customers and made to their specifications and requirements.