Rubber Compounding


Resinall manufactures hydrocarbon resins used in rubber compounding and commonly referred to as "Processing Aids." Of the various types of hydrocarbon resins used, Resinall manufactures the dicyclopentadiene resin type. This hydrocarbon is produced by the thermal polymerization of dicyclopentadiene and various olefinic co-dimers.

Hydrocarbon resins, while called processing aids, have multiple functions in rubber mixtures. They promote processing by lowering viscosity, and improve the building of tack of the unvulcanized rubber (SBR) mixtures, while also improving properties such as elongation, tensile strength, and flex resistance in the vulcanized rubber. They are widely used in tire construction and in other mechanical rubber goods such as in the automotive and footwear industries and in the manufacturing of hoses, belts, gaskets, etc. They are available in flake form.