Special Use Resins


Resinall manufactures a wide range of resin products based on hydrocarbon and rosin raw materials. Many of these resins find use in well-established applications, while others find use in areas which are not well known or represent only a small market usage. In many of these applications, hydrocarbon based resins compete with modified rosin products for the same or similar use. In addition to manufacturing both types of resins, we also produce the Hybrid type resin which combines the chemistry of hydrocarbon and rosin based resins.

Suitability in an application of a particular type of resin is mainly based on empirical data and customer preferences. Resinall is able to provide the broadest range of resin options and/or has the ability to develop proprietary products based on customer requirements. This is, and has been, the basis for our growth and commercial success in many mature markets.

The following is a list of other known applications for our products;

  • Paints and Varnishes – Many traditional solvent based coatings contained a so-called hard resin. These resins are used to improve hardness, gloss, dry time and improve water repellency and resistance to saponification. Hydrocarbon resins with softening points of 100 -120 °C are often used in the formulation of aluminum and bronze paints, aerosol paint, primers and alkyd paint modifiers.
  • Temporary Rust Protection Coatings – In steel construction as well as other applications, temporary rust prevention is very important. Hydrocarbon resins are commonly used along with waxes, anticorrosion agents and a low KB solvent such as mineral spirits.
  • Wood Protection – Hydrocarbon resins are widely used in wood protection coatings because of their water-repellant and fixing properties, i.e. fixing fungicides, insecticides and helping to prevent "blooming" of wood preservatives.
  • Bituminous Materials – Asphalt and coal-tar used in roads and pavements, roof, pipe, automotive undercoatings and various water barrier coatings may be upgraded and modified with hydrocarbon resins.
  • Floor Tiles – Hydrocarbon resins are commonly used in the manufacture of floor tile based on PVC or SBR rubber. They are mainly used as processing aids. A wide range of resins may be used with choice depending mainly on price and end use requirements.
  • Foundry Binders – Hydrocarbon resins are used along with many other materials to bind sand during casting in the foundry industry.

These are but a few of the other uses and applications for our resins products. All products are available in flake form with other packaging available upon request. Please contact our Sales Service Group with your special needs.