About Us

Resinall Corp is a manufacturer of thermoplastic resins/polymers used as binders and/or elastomer modifiers in a wide range of industrial applications. Our resins are made from both natural and synthetic raw materials using numerous chemical reactions and process equipment.

Our success is evident in an average 7% annual growth rate since 1981. A major factor in this growth is our belief in "customer partnering." Working closely with our customers to understand their unique requirements allows us to focus the full breadth of our technical and manufacturing expertise. It enables us to combine our versatile resin chemistry and manufacturing capabilities with a wide range of raw materials to design cost effective and often unique products for their use. Unlike many companies we are not tied to specific raw materials or processes and are therefore free to focus on the best solution.

Our goal is to have our customers view us as a key resource in the management of their business and help in their achieving the commercial success they desire with their products and customers.

To learn more about Resinall and its products, please use the provided navigation tabs. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to the opportunity of serving your resin and vehicle needs.